Ceci n’est pas une flûte – Stradivarius CD release


September 2021 

STR 37205

Ceci n’est pas une flûte

Flute metamorphosis between XX and XXI century

Laura Faoro, flutes

Massimo Marchi, electronics and sound processing

In collaboration with AGON


Flute exploded view (booklet, inlay): Gabriele Faoro (Gaab)

“Ceci n’est pas une flûte is a Magritte-like calembour, representing the desire, with this CD, to propose a synaesthetic listening experience within a game of sound mirages, illusions and allusions. We pursued this intriguing goal from the project’s conception, starting from the idea that a CD recording implies the added value of being a sort of music microscopy, by using a rich and accurate miking together with a fine sound processing, where both the electronic tracks and the ambience itself could be treated as chamber music partners of the flute. The recording session was meant to deliver the composition with a surgical rendition that would have been impossible in a live performance, within an aesthetical frame that is not an end in itself but wants to deliver the polysemy of the contemporary language at its best, where nothing is ever as it seems” (Laura Faoro)

MARIO LAVISTA Canto del alba for amplified flute | 9’21”

KAIJA SAARIAHO NoaNoa for flute and electronics | 8’03”

SALVATORE SCIARRINO Come vengono prodotti gli Incantesimi? (arranged by Laura Faoro for solo bass flute) (*) | 7’06”

VITTORIO MONTALTI Labyrinthes for bass flute and electronics (*) | 12’23”
Sotterraneo – Oscuro – Sotterraneo – Grottesco –
Meccanico – Oscuro

LUCA FRANCESCONI Tracce for solo flute | 9’23”

NADIR VASSENA for solo flute | 4’49”

CESARE SALDICCO Spire V for amplified flute and electronics (*) | 7’41”

FAUSTO ROMITELLI Dia Nykta for solo flute | 4’40”
(1963 – 2004)

IVAN FEDELE for flute and live electronics (*) | 11’00”
I Con andamento flessibile – II Più lento –
III A tempo, serratissimo – IV Con andamento flessibile


(*) first CD recording


Worldwide distribution: MILANO DISCHI s.r.l. – Via Sormani,18 – 20093 Cologno Monzese (MI) – Italy
Tel. (+39) 02 – 25396575/566 e-mail: stradivarius@stradivarius.it – http://www.stradivarius.it



Reviewing it, E. Garzia of Percorsi Musicali says: “Faoro’s interpretations are always very effective, perfect vehicles for transposing the authors’ thoughts but also demonstrations of incredible timing. Laura makes damn difficult things for a flutist sound easy and she is able to explore any situation while maintaining natural control over the instrument. Ceci n’est pas une flûte is inevitably a candidate to be one of the best ratings of 2021 ″.

“The flutist Laura Faoro, a pupil of Mario Caroli and Annamaria Morini, is one of the most talented and reckless, because without fear she immediately tried her hand at very difficult pieces, immediately perceiving the changes that the interdisciplinary nature of the arts has also imposed on flutists. Proof of this is the Stockhausen prize won in 2019 for the interpretation of KATHINKAs GESANG, performances related to installations, theater or video, without forgetting even a degree in Archaeology with full marks.”

“Faoro takes a further step forward, relying on the care of the sound engineer Massimo Marchi, who has done an excellent job on the compositions with electronics, useful for making the sound dimensions as impressive as possible.”