Read all ⇒ Ian Parsons, musicologist (AU) – Kürten, August 2019

“So what can you say after a performance like this, other than ‘thank you’? KATHINKAs GESANG als LUZIFERs REQUIEM for flute and electronic music. Sensational performance from Laura Faoro. Really sensational“.
“…. another one of those extraordinary highlights of the nine magnificent days of this year’s Stockhausen Courses and Concerts in Kürten. Laura Faoro received second prize for her sensationally immersive performance of KATHINKAs GESANG als LUZIFERs REQUIEM in its superb, though less often-heard, version for solo flute and electronic music (…) Stockhausen wrote the piece originally as the second scene of SAMSTAG aus LICHT where it is performed with six percussionists, and guides the soul of the “apparently” dead Lucifer to enlightenment. Here those six percussionists are replaced with a strange and eerie cosmos of electronics that swirl around the feline, shamanistic flute, which Laura moulded into that electronic soundscape like souls mould into untouchable, immeasurable, uncontainable, space when they float seeking where to go next. It was an incredible performance and no one wanted to stop clapping at the end. These are the sorts of experiences that remind us how full and rich the future of this music is destined to be.”